How’d you get good at speaking?

May 7, 2016 JD

How’d you get good at speaking? That’s probably the best question you can be asked after an 8-hour workshop, right? I’d assume it means you did something right, at least in the eyes of that participant. This inquiry came my way earlier this week during the

5 reasons your employees aren’t sharing their knowledge

April 22, 2016 JD

I rarely hear someone say … WOW! We have so many people sharing on [insert name of enterprise platform]! Everyone’s problems are getting solved so quickly nowadays! Instead, I hear plenty of … We have [insert name of enterprise platform] at work, but no one really

4 OTHER things I’ll be doing at #ATD2016

May 18, 2016 JD

We’re just a few days away from the biggest conference of the L&D year. I’ve already shared my participant tips and my (rough) personal schedule. But the value of any professional event extends well beyond the scheduled activities. Here are 4 OTHER things I’ll be

My #ATD2016 Schedule

May 8, 2016 JD

Just 2 weeks until the 2016 ATD International Conference & Expo (#ATD2016) begins! Since this is the BIG SHOW for the L&D calendar year, I’m documenting my ICE preparation and experiences on my blog. I shared my 5 tips for making the most of #ATD2016 last week.

10 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Learning Ecosystem

May 6, 2016 JD

I originally wrote this post for the Mimeo blog … Today’s organizations are more interconnected than ever. Thanks to technological evolution, cross-functional work streams, and considerable value derived from company-wide synergies, our workplaces now closely resemble organic ecosystems. In fact, a single decision made on

It depends …

May 4, 2016 JD

When should you use video in your training content? How many repetitions do you need to help someone retain information? Which game mechanics should you use to get maximum user engagement? I’ve heard L&D pros ask these questions during recent conference sessions. They all have the same

5 tips for making the most of #ATD2016

May 2, 2016 JD

The ATD International Conference & Expo is a big conference. Actually, let me try that again. ATD ICE IS A HUGE, CRAZY, ENERGIZING, TIRING WEEK OF PROFESSIONAL EXCITEMENT AND FUNESS!!! Yeah, that describes it a little better. 10,000 attendees, 400 speakers, 300 sessions and an expo the size

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