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4 practices (and 12 tips) for better remote working

Oh Dilbert … You just get me … Every time … I’m perplexed by our continued reverence of the 9 to 5 workday. Despite radical technological and social change over the past 100 years, we remain beholden to an industrial approach to work. Even though better options exist, a majority of us still battle rush hour traffic as we trek to and from office buildings at pre-determined times that...

Training Top 125

My Training 2016 Conference Schedule (#trgconf)

Due to a fortuitous series of events, it looks like I’ll be attending the Training 2016 Conference & Expo next week (February 15 – 17, 2016) at the Walt Disney World Resort (aka my backyard). This will be the first L&D industry event I will be attending without delivering a session in a few years. It will be fun to take the attendee perspective on the conference...

Take a closer look

5 considerations for assessing your learning and performance ecosystem

“Ecosystem” is a relatively new term in the corporate world. Much like it does when used in reference to the natural world, ecosystem describes the interconnected nature of the modern workplace. Regardless of industry, size, or structure, organizations are (now more than ever) living networks made up of not just people but also processes, products, and resources that drive how work gets done. When discussing...

Operations Management

Ops Days: 4 things the young Manager JD wants from the current L&D JD

This post is part of my Ops Days series in which I explore how my time as an operations manager has influenced my work in learning and performance. I spent the first half of my career in operations management for big hospitality and entertainment companies. For example, as a guest service manager at the Walt Disney World Resort, I held the keys...

Dandelion Blowing Away

Reflections: My #ATDTK 2016 – in Moments

I’m back from Las Vegas … again. That’s 4 trips to the strip in less than 2 years. While I’m definitely not a “Vegas person,” each visit has yielded a fun, timely, and valuable experience – for both personal and professional reasons. This time, L&D pros descended upon the deluxe resort that Caesar built for ATD TechKnowledge 2016 (#ATDTK). As a member of the program...

Light Bulb Puzzle

The 3 most useful ideas I plan to discuss during my #ATDTK session

I’ll be presenting twice as part of ATD TechKnowledge this week. If you’re in Vegas for the event, stop by Forum 14-16 at 10:45am PDT on Wednesday for my ‘Reworking the Puzzle – How to Build a Smarter Learning & Performance Ecosystem” session. I’ll be sharing the story of how my past team evolved our definition of organizational learning and...

Museum Curator

Why don’t you have a Curator on your team yet?

Raise your hand if you’re still complaining about … Losing organizational knowledge when veteran employees leave Having to reteach the same information repeatedly because employees don’t have a chance to use it very often Being unable to transform tacit knowledge into shared organizational wisdom Experiencing constant problems finding and/or understanding workplace documentation Yes, these are complex knowledge management challenges that require...

Kick Idea

Practical steps to kickstart workplace curiosity

“We want to create a learning culture.” Have you heard that one lately? Maybe from your company’s senior management? As organizations seek to retain talent and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, the idea of a “learning culture” is now in vogue. Great news for L&D, right? Well … L&D can’t create a “learning culture.” If we could, we would have wrapped that up...

Come Back Later Postit

RANT: You’re out of office message SUCKS!

Does this sound familiar … Thank you for your message. I will be away from the office between XX date and XX date. During that time, I will have limited access to email and voicemail. If you need assistance before I return, please contact XX at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or xxxx@xxx.com. Have a nice day! Name Title Contact Info Company Logo Motivational...


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