Microlearning is A LOT more than smaller content

June 12, 2016 JD

I had the awesome opportunity to join the ATD South Florida Chapter for their Innovative Learning Conference earlier this week. Axonify was one of the event sponsors, and I presented on behalf of the team. My topic: microlearning. I’ll admit it. I’m not a fan

Your RFP is missing the …

November 28, 2016 JD

I didn’t release many RFPs during my time in enterprise L&D. I rarely had a need to play the field of learning technology. Rather, I evaluated my options, figured out what I wanted (and could afford), and went out and got it. Now that I work on the vendor/services

4 dimensions of adaptive learning

November 23, 2016 JD

Personalization is firmly embedded within our daily technological lives. Facebook tells you who to be friends with based on who are you already friends with. Netflix tells you what you want to watch based on what you’ve already watched and what people who have also

The Power of Casual Gameplay – courtesy of The Big Bang Theory

November 10, 2016 JD

Whenever I demonstrate the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform for a new audience, someone usually asks about the casual gameplay element. “What does the game have to do with the learning?” For context, a user can choose to play a game as part of their daily microlearning session

My #DevLearn 2016 Schedule

November 6, 2016 JD

It’s time for buffets, pressure-sensitive minibars and wandering through a casino while looking for the elevator to your room. That’s right – we’re heading back to Vegas next week for DevLearn 2016! If you couldn’t tell from my previous post 6 OTHER things you can do

What can L&D pros learn from David S. Pumpkins?

October 28, 2016 JD

I have no idea, but I’m open to suggestions. I just wrote this post to see how many people would check it out … and give you yet another chance to enjoy David S. Pumpkins! 🙂 Happy Halloween, Learning Geeks! JD

Learning Now Radio – Episode #15

October 22, 2016 JD

The Learning Now Radio team was gracious enough to invite me to share my thoughts on workplace knowledge sharing and curation as part of their growing podcast series. Check out the broadcast below in which Lisa Minogue-White and I share ideas and best practices on what

6 OTHER things to do while in Vegas for #DevLearn

October 16, 2016 JD

You could get the impression that I like Las Vegas based on the fact that I’m in town 2 or 3 times every year for work stuff. You would be wrong. Nothing against the town or the people, but I’m just not a “Vegas person.”

My #Learning2016 Schedule

October 15, 2016 JD

Anderson Cooper is coming! ANDERSON COOPER IS COMING! As far as keynote sessions go, this is one I’m actually quite excited to see – especially given the timing with everything ELSE he’s dealing with on the job nowadays. Learning 2016 will mark my first time at

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