5 reasons your employees aren’t sharing their knowledge

April 22, 2016 JD

I rarely hear someone say … WOW! We have so many people sharing on [insert name of enterprise platform]! Everyone’s problems are getting solved so quickly nowadays! Instead, I hear plenty of … We have [insert name of enterprise platform] at work, but no one really

My quick take on Snapchat

April 7, 2016 JD

To stick with the theme, shouldn’t this post take 10 seconds to read and then vanish forever? Anyway … What’s with all of the Snapchat conversation within L&D lately? Blogs. Podcasts. Blabs. All trying to figure out why Snapchat is “a thing.” With all the recent curiosity,

We should stop using the term “learner” because …

April 3, 2016 JD

This is one of those standard L&D practices that just never felt right – even when I first got started working as a facilitator and instructional designer. Over the past few years, I’ve come to believe that our use of the term “learner” to describe anyone who

It depends …

May 4, 2016 JD

When should you use video in your training content? How many repetitions do you need to help someone retain information? Which game mechanics should you use to get maximum user engagement? I’ve heard L&D pros ask these questions during recent conference sessions. They all have the same

5 tips for making the most of #ATD2016

May 2, 2016 JD

The ATD International Conference & Expo is a big conference. Actually, let me try that again. ATD ICE IS A HUGE, CRAZY, ENERGIZING, TIRING WEEK OF PROFESSIONAL EXCITEMENT AND FUNESS!!! Yeah, that describes it a little better. 10,000 attendees, 400 speakers, 300 sessions and an expo the size

Is it OK to use your phone during a meeting?

April 19, 2016 JD

No, I’m not talking about this … That’s pretty much always inconsiderate. I’m talking about something more like this … Admittedly, the photo is a bit odd given how far away the guy is positioned from what seems to be the rest of the meeting. But what

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