6 Things We Need to STOP Doing in Email

CAUTION – This blog post isn’t an attempt at insightful, thought-provoking, discussion-starting writing. It’s a rant – pure and simple. But, I hope it’s a rant with which you can identify. After all, I can’t be the only one thinking about this stuff (can I)?!?! Email isn’t work. It’s just not. For most people, email is the thing that distracts you...


My Pretend Session Schedule for ASTD ICE 2014

For the first time in 5 years, I won’t be attending this week’s ASTD International Conference and Exposition. Between my plans to attend DevLearn in October, TechKnowledge in January, and Learning Solutions in March and the fact that ICE is back in Orlando in 2015, it was time to take a year off from the big show. But, that doesn’t mean...


My #LSCon 2014 Twitter Feed

If you missed my 400+ tweets from Learning Solutions and Ecosystem 2014, here they are in reverse chronological order (end to beginning) including my responses to #lrnchat LIVE! JD Dillon I’ve gotta run, #LSCon … Thanks to everyone who made it a great event! Same time next year? Cya at DevLearn! JD Dillon @SMOOC2014 thanks! JD Dillon Describe your #LSCon experience in one word …...


6 Takeaways from Learning Solutions and Ecosystem 2014

Many conference participants provide online summaries, reviews, or shared notes about their specific experiences. They’ll reflect on the concurrent sessions, keynotes, expo offerings, etc. I’m taking a slightly different route in my reflection on my participation at Learning Solutions and Ecosystem 2014 last week. Yes, I attended several very informative sessions. Yes, I struggled through and snuck out of a...


6 Reasons to Attend My Session at #LSCon 2014

If you’re attending Learning Solutions 2014 (March 19 – 21), there’s plenty of ways to spend every second of your time while in Orlando. Besides the concurrent and general sessions, you could visit the Expo, attend a presentation at one of the Learning Stages, network with industry peers, or play hooky and go park hopping across the Walt Disney World...


I started an L&D blog! Why?

I’ve been building a list of “I could blog about this” topics for more than two years, but I’ve never made getting my blog together a personal priority. Until now, that is! I published ‘Just Curious’ to get my thoughts on workplace learning (and maybe a few other topics) “out there” in hopes of starting a conversation. I also hope...


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