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L&D and Our Coyote Complex

I introduced the “Why does L&D want to be the Coyote” analogy as part of my Transforming Users into Contributors session on user-generated content at DevLearn 2014. Thanks to Sarah Gilbert for the accidental inspiration during her morning DevLearn session, which led to a radical redesign of my content a few hours later. I’ve used the analogy a few times...

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Reflections: My #ATD2015 Experience

We’re at the official two-week mark since ICE concluded … meaning I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on my conference experience. Given that this was my 6th industry event in the past 7 months (DevLearn, TechKnowledge, Training 2015, Learning Solutions, Ecosystem, ICE), I approached my role as an attendee differently than I have during past ICEs. I didn’t run around to get...

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My #ATD2015 session in 10 bullet points

I always enjoy Karl Kapp’s quote (reiterated in his panel earlier today) “Bullets don’t kill people. Bulleted lists kill people.” Needless to say, I don’t like using bulleted lists in visual presentations. When I do show a text list, I still don’t use bullets as a matter of principle. That said, it’s mildly ironic that I’m going to summarize my upcoming...

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What’s in my conference toolkit?

I’m on a semi-tear writing posts related to the upcoming ATD International Conference & Expo (#ATD2015). Why now when I haven’t blogged consistently for quite a while? It’s a big event … I’ve got some thoughts … I just happen to have more time and energy to devote to writing … I finally put “Write” on my calendar to formally block...

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JD’s #ATD2015 Conference Tips

4 days. 300+ sessions. An expo the size of 2 football fields. 10,000+ participants from all over the world. That’s just a partial summary of what happens during the annual ATD International Conference and Expo (aka ICE), which is coming up starting on May 17 in Orlando. By no means am I a conference expert, but this will be my 5th ICE and 12th...

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My #ATD2015 Conference Schedule

We’re about 2 weeks away from the ATD International Conference and Expo … aka “the big show” … aka “ICE” … which is being held in my hometown of Orlando, Florida. This will be my 5th ICE (Chicago, Orlando, Denver, Dallas), but this is my 1st time presenting at this conference. As always, I hope to meet up with as many L&D...

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My honest out of office reply

My L&D buddy Dan Steer recently posted his version of an “Honest Out of Office Reply” to his personal blog.  Dan took a decidedly “I can’t stop working because I love it” position with his message, ending his post with  … Eventually, when these dreadful 2 weeks of on/off connected-dissonance is over, I can finally go back to work and...

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My 2015 LSCon / EcoCon Schedule

Learning Solutions/Ecosystem 2015 will be 10th big L&D industry event and 4th in the past 5 months, and it’s by far my favorite! The eLearning Guild always puts on a great, energetic, community-oriented show with an array of quality formal and informal learning offerings. Another big positive for me is the size of the event – it’s big enough to have a decent variety of sessions...

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8 OTHER things to do while in Orlando for #LSCon, #EcoCon, or #ATD2015

Both the eLearning Guild and Association for Talent Development did STELLAR jobs in scheduling Orlando as the location for their spring conference events this year. Why? I live here – so no traveling for me! It’s 85º … in March. There’s plenty of built-in cool stuff to do for everyone in this town. Did I mention the weather? Since I’m...

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5 learning pros you should be following via conference backchannels

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty caught up in the middle of a busy L&D event season. After having attended DevLearn, ATD TechKnowledge, and Training 2015 since October, I’m now getting ready for Learning Solutions, Learning & Performance Ecosystem, and ATD International Conference and Expo in the next few months. While I’ve had the benefit of attending every event...


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